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Can the Georgia Hope Scholarship be used out of State?

Can the Georgia hope scholarship be used out of-state

The Georgia Hope Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program that is available for qualifying Georgia residents. The candidates who demonstrate academic achievements can be eligible for getting Georgia Hope Scholarship. The eligibility criteria list is not just come to an end with academic achievements only but there are other several things that candidates have to fulfill. To help you know about the Georgia Hope Scholarship we will discuss in which state you can use your Georgia Hope Scholarship, what are the eligibility criteria, what is the Georgia Hope Scholarship, etc.

What is the Hope Scholarship?

The Hope Scholarship was created by Georgia Governor Zell Miller in 1993. The Hope Scholarship stands for Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally. This scholarship provides financial assistance to students who are attending their degree, and diploma, at eligible Georgia public and private colleges and universities. Hope Scholarship is a merit-based program. Therefore, to get eligible students have to maintain high GPA scores. As per the data, to date, they provide financial support to around 1.8 million Georgia students. This scholarship is funded by the revenue which comes from the Georgia Lottery. It is administered by the GSFC (Georgia Student Finance Commission).

This program offers three categories of scholarship such as Hope Scholarship Program, Hope Grant Program, and Zell Miller Scholarship Program. The requirement for academic GPA is different for these categories.

Can the Georgia Hope Scholarship be used out of state?

No, you cannot use the Georgia Hope Scholarship out of the state because it is exclusively designed to provide financial help to Georgia students. It is available for those who want to attend their graduation in Georgia colleges and universities. If you are planning to go abroad then this scholarship cannot be used to cover the educational expenses as it doesn’t support the institutions that are present outside the state of Georgia.

For the Hope Scholarship, students have to be the legal resident of Georgia for at least 12 months and these 12 months are counted before the application deadline. One more thing is that students must have completed their High School from any eligible Georgia institution. Zell Miller Scholarship is also in the category of Georgia Scholarship but this program has more stringent academic requirements as compared to Hope Scholarship. The basic eligibility criteria are similar such as applicable only in the state of Georgia. Now, let’s discuss the eligibility requirements for the Hope Scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements for the Hope Scholarship

Some basic points that students have to follow to get eligible for the Georgia Hope Scholarship are mentioned below.

  • The candidate must be a legal resident of Georgia.
  • You have to complete your High School degree from the Hope-eligible institution in Georgia.
  • You have to maintain a grade point of 3.0 or more than that in your High School.
  • To get eligible, you also have to score in the national composite 85th percentile or higher on the test such as SAT and ACT.
  • You have to comply with selective Service registration requirements.
  • To get this scholarship, you have to follow the rules of the Drug-free post-secondary Education Act of 1990. If you are convicted by the officials for committing any offense involving dangerous drugs, marijuana, etc then you will be ineligible for the Hope Scholarship.
  • Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree with Hope Scholarship at the University of Georgia then you are no longer eligible for Hope and Miller Scholarship Program.
  • Your initial eligibility for the scholarship is determined by the GSFC Georgia Student Finance Commission.
  • You are eligible only if you are applying for a degree-seeking program at Georgia colleges and universities.

The above-mentioned eligibility criteria apply to both scholarship programs in Georgia (Hope and Miller). The only difference between Hope and Miller’s scholarship is the GPA as Miller requires a minimum GPA score of 3.7 or more.

The Georgia resident graduated from out of state. Is he eligible for Hope Scholarship?

If you are a resident of Georgia but completed your High School at of state institution then you have to submit your school transcript and SAT scores to get eligible for the Hope Scholarship in Georgia. Your transcript and SAT scores are evaluated by the GSFC (Georgia Student Finance Commission). When GSFC provides you the approval for the scholarship, you have to submit the approval letter to the OSFA (Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid).


No, the Georgia Hope Scholarship is not applicable out-of-state. Hope Scholarship is available only for Georgia students who are applying for the degree program. To get eligible for the Hope Scholarship, candidates have to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or more than that. If you want to apply for the Miller Scholarship then you have to maintain a GPA of 3.7 or more than that. These scholarships are the merit-based program. Students also have to submit their SAT and ACT scores to the GSFC. Your eligibility for the Hope Scholarship is determined by the GSFC.