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Does Johns Hopkins Give Merit Scholarships?

Does johns hopkins give merit scholarships

Scholarships provide financial assistance to students who are in need and facing financial difficulties. To help them pay off their education expenses various scholarships are available. Some scholarships are need-based and some are merit-based. The eligibility criteria for both scholarships are different. Johns Hopkins is a university that offers a large number of financial aid including merit scholarships. Scholarships don’t need to be paid back as they are considered awards. Here we will learn about Johns Hopkins scholarship programs including does Johns Hopkins gives merit scholarships, the eligibility criteria, and the types of merit scholarships.

About Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins is a private University that is famous for its research and is located in Maryland. It is the first university-based on the European research institution model in the United States and was founded in 1876. Johns Hopkins University is best known for its commitment to excellence, conducting cutting-edge research that enhances the quality of students and offering strong academic programs. The merits scholarships at Johns Hopkins are offered to exceptional students who are all-rounders. The need-based scholarships are awarded based on the financial need of the student. Johns Hopkins also maintains different 10 divisions at different places in Maryland. The places include Columbia, California, Laurel, Elkridge, etc.

Does Johns Hopkins Give Merit Scholarships?

Yes, Johns Hopkins gives various merit scholarships to help students and it also offers need-based aids and work-study aids.  Merit scholarships are awarded to exceptional students who have great leadership skills, academic achievement, community involvement, and other qualities. The merit scholarships are very competitive as they select talented students for them. The merit scholarship covers the cost of tuition and fees. It also provides access to other benefits including mentorship and special programs.

On the other hand, the primary commitment of Johns Hopkins is to demonstrate the financial needs of the students. With the help of loans, work-study opportunities, grants, and scholarships they try to help students with their finances. They focus on hiring students from different and diverse backgrounds to create integrity in the institution.

Merit Scholarships at Johns Hopkins University

The merit scholarships that are available at Johns Hopkins University are as follows. You don’t have to apply separately for merit scholarships as you are automatically considered for these when you apply. You may either qualify for a need-based or merit-based scholarship at Johns Hopkins.

  • Charles R. Westgate Scholarship in Engineering: It is a merit scholarship and is available for students who are taking their degree in any engineering major. It covers the cost of a full four years of undergraduate study and there are around two scholarships available each year for engineering students.

To get eligible for the Charles R. Westgate Scholarship, students must have an interest in an engineering major, must apply in the first year of their College degree, and must maintain outstanding High School records and achievements. Some qualities like leadership skills, independent research, and participation in science fairs work well with the application.

It is a renewable scholarship and is renewed at the end of each year. The renewal of the scholarship depends upon the performance of the student. Students have to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher to get a successful renewal. There is no need for separate applications for this as a scholarship committee will choose among the qualified applicants.

  • Hodson Trust Scholarship: It is a merit scholarship that is awarded based on academic, leadership, and personal achievements. It is provided to the 20 first-year students who have exceptional skills and provides coverage of around two-thirds of the annual tuition cost.

The eligibility for this scholarship depends upon the educational experience, academics, and curiosity of performing research projects. Students must have the ability to apply their knowledge in the real world. This scholarship also provides the opportunity of taking part in mentoring programs and students can join the Hodson Scholar Student Advisory Board as well for a better experience.

  • National Fellowship Program: This program provides various advantages as students can deepen their academic training and experimental learning with this. The national fellowship program was founded by the nationally competitive fellowship but assisted by Johns Hopkins University. The whole application process is conducted and assisted by the staff of John.
  • Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship: It is available for those students who want to join Air Force Reserve Officer Training at Johns Hopkins University. It contains both competitive and non-competitive scholarships.

So, these are the major merit scholarships that are available at Johns Hopkins University. Students are required to complete the application process on time. Along with these scholarships, students can apply for external scholarships as well which are provided by the organization, corporations, and foundations. These external scholarships are not administered and funded by the University but they provide financial assistance to students and help them pursue their education. So, these are valued by Johns Hopkins University.


Johns Hopkins is a prestigious research University that offers various scholarship programs including need-based, merit-based, and work-study. The merit-based scholarships are awarded to exceptional students who have exceptional skills like leadership skills, academic achievement, and extracurricular involvement. The merit-based scholarships are very competitive and awarded based on the renewal process. Students can renew their scholarship at the end of each year but the renewal is dependent upon the performance of the student. To successfully renew, students have to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or more than that. Johns Hopkins’s purpose is to create diversity and inclusion in the environment of the university and for this, they choose students from different backgrounds.