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How to Create a Scholarship in Someone’s Name?

How to create a scholarship in someone's name

Scholarships are financial awards. Creating a scholarship in someone’s name means dedicating an honor and memorizing a specific individual. These scholarships are designed to provide financial assistance to the candidate who wants to pursue education in a particular field or wants to achieve a specific qualification. It is created to value the values, passion, and interest of the person who is being honored. Their values influence the lives of others even after their passing. It is a way to pay tribute to a person’s life. There are various rules to create a scholarship in someone’s name. So, here we will discuss all the facts and steps that you have to follow to create a scholarship.

How to Create a Scholarship in Someone’s Name?

To honor the legacy of someone by providing educational opportunities with scholarship is one of the meaningful ways. Creating a scholarship is a new legacy for your loved one as it provides educational opportunities to future scholars. There is no restriction over the amount of the fund. You can provide scholarships either as a one-time gift for a specific number of years. The steps that you have to follow to create a scholarship in someone’s name are mentioned below.

Steps to Follow To Create a Scholarship

  • Set the Goals of the Scholarship: To create a scholarship, firstly you have to set your purpose including the points:
  1. Who is your target audience whether it is high school students, college students, or graduate students?
  2. Eligibility criteria include academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, financial need, etc.
  3. What amount of funding will be awarded to the candidates?
  4. Which major of study is supported by the scholarship?
  5. The requirements for the scholarship, such as essays, supporting documents, and letters of recommendation.
  • Legal Formalities: Don’t forget to complete the legal formalities to set up a scholarship. You have to consult an attorney who can advise you on the laws and regulations. It includes a lot of documentation work. You have to decide some criteria including tax laws, non-profit status, availability of funding, and other relevant structures. To choose a proper tax structure, you can hire professionals.
  • Availability of Funding: Decide the availability of funding, from where you will get funds for your scholarship including fundraising efforts, personal funds, family contributions, or any other source. To avoid tax liability, you can consult with financial advisors as they will guide you with scholarship sustainability and tax regulations.
  • Select the Suitable Name: Choose the name of the scholarship according to the legacy of the person. As per the skills, nature, behavior, and perception of the person, you can decide on the name and logo of the scholarship. It maintains the distinctiveness as well.
  • Establish Criteria of Selection: You can select candidates based on the academic achievement and need of the scholarship. It depends upon the type of scholarship whether it is merit-based or need-based. If your scholarship is merit-based, you have to evaluate the academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, and personal qualities of the candidate. If your scholarship is need-based, then you have to evaluate the financial need of the candidate.
  • Accessible Application Process: Design an application process that is simple and accessible for everyone. The application process includes the details regarding deadlines, instructions, and other required documents such as essays, etc. You can use the educational institution’s admission departments and online platforms to reach the maximum number of applications.
  • Selection Committee of Experts: You have to establish a panel of experts who can evaluate the deserving applicants from the scholarship applications. Select members for the selection committee who give an equal chance to each candidate. Committee members should be experienced and knowledgeable, meaning they should be aware of the goals of the scholarship.
  • Fund Management: After awarding the scholarship you have to manage your funds. To continue the scholarship program for the long term, you have to manage and invest your funds. Perform a check on the financial stability of the scholarship because it ensures your continuity of supporting future generations.
  • Verification of Legal Documentation: You should perform the verification of legal documentation with the help of the attorney. It includes the laws of the government, operating procedures, taxation policies, etc. The attorney will guide you with the proper procedure to avoid any mis-happening.
  • Upgradation of Scholarship: You have to take the feedback of the candidates, fundraisers, and other stakeholders and check the market criteria of the scholarships to improve the scholarship program. After evaluation, update the scholarship guidelines, application procedure, etc.
  • Professional Guidance: Throughout the entire process of setting up the scholarship in someone’s name, don’t forget to take professional advice. The experts will guide you with finances, legal work, taxation, and government guidelines. These points will ensure the success of the scholarship. If your scholarship program complies with all legal requirements, then it will continue for several years.

Therefore, these are the steps that will help you in creating a scholarship in someone’s name. Fulfill the legal requirements, and support the student’s financial need to gain success of the scholarship.


The process of creating a scholarship in someone’s name requires a lot of strategic planning, dedication, finances, and resources. It is a kind of decision-making task. It is an impactful way to honor the legacy of the person. Making a way to contribute to education and the community is a great way to help society and to give tribute to anyone. To create a successful scholarship program, you have to follow certain steps including deciding the goal and purpose of the scholarship, naming and branding of the scholarship, setting up eligibility criteria, managing the funds, legal requirements, etc. Therefore, creating a scholarship in someone’s name is considered a meaningful tribute to your loved one.