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What are the Easiest Scholarships to Get?

What are the easiest scholarships to get

To fund their college education, students take loans and the loans need to be repaid. It creates a lot of burdens on students. To repay the loan amount students do a part-time job and this thing affects their academics. So, to deal with this situation there are various scholarships available that are provided by government, colleges, and universities. According to the data, there is around $1.5 trillion involves in student loan debt in the United States, and students face trouble in meeting the required minimum monthly payment of the loans. The best funding option that reduces the stress to some extent of students is scholarships. A million colleges provide a variety of funding for educational assistance to college freshmen and current students. To know the easiest ways of getting a scholarship you have to learn some other aspects as well like how you can apply for scholarships, the list of some easiest scholarships, and how you can get an easy scholarship.

How you can Apply for Scholarships?

Scholarships include merit-based scholarships and need-based scholarships and to apply for these scholarships students need to submit applications. To increase the chance of winning a scholarship students can submit their application to more than one scholarship scheme. Sometimes, it is very difficult to win a scholarship because the application process is easy and it increases the competition. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to applying for the easiest scholarships only. Students must apply for other scholarships as well. The competition may be high in easy scholarships and where the competition is less the chance of winning is better. To get selected students have to follow the eligibility criteria.

What are the Easiest Scholarships to Get?

The process of application for the scholarship is time-consuming as many scholarship processing takes several weeks. It may create hustle for the students and to deal with this situation, various easiest scholarships are available. The terms and conditions of these are a little easy and help students in earning better financial aid. So, if you are looking for financial assistance to fund your college education then some easiest scholarships are mentioned below.


The list of some Easiest Scholarships

The scholarships that can be earned by students on easy terms and conditions are as follows.

  • Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway: This is a soft drink manufacturing company. It is one of the largest companies that offer various scholarship opportunities for students. To get eligible for this scholarship students age must be between 18 and 24. The best part is that this scholarship does not require any certificates of merit. There is not any set benchmark for GPA as well. Its eligibility is only dependent on some tasks that students have to fulfill like firstly, they have to register for After this, they have to write an essay that describes how they can contribute to changing the world. They also have to make a video that addresses academic achievements and professional behavior.

This scholarship program offers three different categories for tuition fees. if you win the first prize, then you will get $100,000 including five other awards, for the second prize you will get $25,000 including 5 other awards and for the third prize you will get $2,500 including 10 other awards.

  • No Essay College Scholarship: For this scholarship, students have to earn average grade points and also required good SAT and ACT scores for the application. If you get eligibility then you will receive $2,000 per month. To get eligibility students have to fit in any one of these categories. The categories include current undergraduate students, the student must be an adult who is continuing their education, and students who are going to enroll in college just after completing their graduation from high school. This scholarship is provided under and a random draw method is used by them to choose the winner of the scholarship.
  • Easy Money Scholarship: This scholarship is offered by Cappex and you have to fill out the Cappex form that is available on their website. It offers $ 1,000 to the candidates. The winners will be selected by the random method. You have to include your grades and your date of graduation in the form.
  • Because College is Expensive Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to eligible candidates every quarter. The criteria of eligible candidates include interesting candidates of High School and college students. For application, you have to complete the registration with the online form and the online form is available on the Cedar Lending website. The top four candidates will receive dollar 500.
  • ScholarshipPoints $10,000 Scholarship: the application process for this scholarship is very easy as it only takes about 2 minutes. You only have to fill out your details like grades, email addresses, etc. The winners will be chosen by the officials with a random selection method. The winners were selected once every 3 months.
  • AFSA Scholarship: For this scholarship, the student must be a High School senior. There is no requirement to maintain a specific GPA but you have to answer 8 question exam while applying on their website. They offer around $20,000 for 10 winners which means each candidate will get $2,000. You will submit your applications by 1st April for the year you are applying.
  • Too cool to pay for a School Scholarship: in this scholarship, you will get $1,000 and you only have to fill out some questions on their official website while applying. The students who are eligible for this must be high school or college graduates. There are four chances to apply for this scholarship as the deadline dates are the last of every March, June, September, and December.
  • ABA Diversity Scholarship: This scholarship is related to transportation. So if you are a student who enrolls in any travel or tourism course then this will work for you. For eligibility only have to write a 500-word essay about yourself that contains all the details regarding your grades, abilities, etc.

Therefore, these are the easiest scholarships that everyone can apply for and win to fund their education cost.

How you can Get Easy Scholarships?

The easy scholarships do not require anything like an essay, recommendation, or Proofreading. On the other hand, you will easily get easy scholarships if you submit your application whenever additional entry dates become available for the scholarship you are applying for. To get eligible students must have to focus on their grades rather than focusing on financial factors. It will increase the chance of getting selected.


To get the easiest scholarships you only have to keep some points in your mind. You have to maintain good grades in your high school and college. You have to include all the details regarding yourself as it impacts the provider positively while applying for any easiest scholarship. You have to focus on the early submission of applications as most of the easiest scholarships follow the random selection method. So, with these points, you can easily get a scholarship and don’t just rely on one scholarship; try to apply for more than one scholarship at a time.