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Why am I deserving of a Scholarship?

Why am I deserving of a scholarship

Scholarships are offered to the most deserving candidate and scholarships provide financial assistance to the students who need money to complete their education. While applying for the scholarship, students need to submit essays that describe every fact about the student regarding their financial condition, need for the scholarship, abilities of the candidate, etc. It’s very difficult that how to answer, why you deserve this Scholarship. Your essays must not sound too greedy and needy. Your application should stand out from the crowd and it’s possible only through uniqueness. To help you understand we will discuss various tips that you have to follow while writing the essay, also to whom the scholarship committee provides scholarships. For what qualities they are looking to award a scholarship? So, let’s begin with some answering tips.

How to answer why you deserve the Scholarship?

To answer this, you have to write your essay with unique experiences that impact the reader directly. Some general guidelines and points are mentioned below that will help you in answering, why you deserve the scholarship.

  • Showcase your abilities: Don’t be afraid to promote yourself because essays are the first and last chance to showcase your abilities and achievements. Try to mention your past experiences and successes as it enhances the confidence of the provider about your future success.
  • Purpose of the Scholarship: You should mention your aim of getting a scholarship. What the scholarship is for is also included in your essay as it explains your point of view towards a scholarship to the committee.
  • Focus on the long-term Contribution of the Scholarship: The scholarship committees want to invest in the candidate who is having long-term goals as they are investing in your future. So, you have to mention how the scholarship amount will help you in getting your education and then that education will help you in making your career after graduation.
  • Stop using General Statements: Try to avoid using statements like I deserve this because I am a hardworking student. This statement is so generic and every applicant is a hard worker as they maintain good grades and get the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. You have to write about your strengths and achievements like leadership skills, etc.
  • Focus on your Strengths: If you are discussing the problems that you faced in the past then try to put in a word that describes how you overcame the situation means what strategy you adopt to deal with the situation. This will showcase your problem-solving abilities. So, instead of explaining obstacles, focus on the solutions.
  • Use Positive Phrases: You should avoid mentioning your weaknesses and try to put everything positively. So, use phrases like well prepared, specialized training, qualified candidate, etc. This will positively impact the scholarship committee.
  • Proofread: Before submitting your essay, try to take a one-day break and then edit it. One day break will help you in reading your essay with fresh eyes and you can easily catch your mistakes. So, to make it impressive and mistakes free must go with Proofreading.

So, these are some points that will describe your potential of getting a scholarship in front of the scholarship committee.

Why am I deserving of a Scholarship?

Every scholarship has its criteria and requirements. To get eligible for the scholarship, you have to fulfill all the required criteria. The points that are important for getting eligible for any scholarship program are mentioned below. So, if you have the below-mentioned skills and abilities then you are a deserving candidate for a scholarship.

  • Goals and Aspirations: scholarships are awarded to candidates who have clear and long-term goals and aspirations. If you can make the providers believe that how the scholarship money will help you in receiving your education and then that education will contribute to the development of the society. In this case, your application will be considered best and deserving of the scholarship.
  • Academic achievements: If you are achieving good grades consistently and also receiving honors and awards then this will indicate your excellence means you are dedicated towards your goals. This dedication and academic scores will make you a deserving candidate for the scholarship.
  • Extraordinary Skills and Talent: Scholarships according to those who have special skills along with strong academics. If you have certification in extracurricular activities, community services, leadership qualities, athletic skills, artistic skills, etc then you are a deserving candidate. So, if you can excel in any of the above-mentioned areas, it will surely provide uniqueness to your application and increase your chances of getting awarded.
  • Financial need: Scholarships are provided based on the need for the scholarship and merit means your ability for the scholarship. The need-based scholarships consider the financial needs of the candidate means checking their financial disability and background. So, to get the scholarship you have to mention your financial condition and income in your application.

These are the basic points that describe your ability for the scholarship and these points prove that you are a deserving candidate for the scholarship.

To whom Scholarship Committee provides Scholarship?

The scholarship committee looking for a candidate who has unique skills and particular interests and motivations.

A candidate who can serve society after getting an education with scholarship money.

A candidate who has good academic skills and has cognitive mind means to have the ability to solve problems easily.

A candidate who can explain the difference between life with a scholarship and before a scholarship.


To answer the question of why you deserve the scholarship students have to write an essay for getting a scholarship uniquely and differently. The essays will help students in standing out from the competition. Students have to describe their goals and objectives, their academic skills, their need for the scholarship, extracurricular interests, achievements and awards, community involvement, etc. All these points make the candidate unique from others. Before explaining these points in the essay you have to proofread your essay and after writing you have to take a gap of one day and then review your draft. It will help you in identifying your mistakes with ease and may increase your chance of getting selected for the scholarship.