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Balcueva Family Memorial Scholarships

Balcueva Family Memorial Scholarships

Applicable For:

High School Students & Undergraduate Students

Max Award Amount:


Application Deadline:

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About This Scholarship

The Balcueva Family Memorial Scholarship was created in 1998 in honor of Edgar and Mary Jane Balcueva’s four infant sons, Eddie, Randy, Brad, and Rick, who passed away from a rare congenital heart defect. Students who are enrolled full-time and pursuing a degree in environmental sciences are eligible for the Balcueva Family Memorial Scholarship. Applicants must be Saginaw County residents, be in their senior year of high school or be enrolled in college, and have a 3.0 GPA.

Eligibility Criteria For Balcueva Family Memorial Scholarships

Here are some common requirements that are often considered:

  • Field of study: Scholarships for environmental science are typically targeted towards students pursuing a degree or conducting research in environmental science, ecology, sustainability, or a related field. Ensure that your chosen program or course of study aligns with the scholarship’s focus.
  • Academic achievement: Many scholarships have minimum academic requirements, such as a certain GPA (Grade Point Average) or standardized test scores. Meeting these academic criteria may be necessary to be eligible for the scholarship.
  • Environmental involvement: Scholarship providers often look for applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental causes or involvement in environmental activities. This can include participation in environmental clubs, organizations, volunteer work, research projects, or environmental advocacy.
  • Leadership and extracurricular activities: Some scholarships may prioritize applicants who have shown leadership qualities or have engaged in extracurricular activities related to environmental science. Examples include organizing environmental events, leading sustainability initiatives, or actively participating in environmental projects.
  • Residency or citizenship: Scholarships may have restrictions based on residency or citizenship. Some scholarships are limited to students from specific countries or regions, while others may be open to international students. Review the scholarship details to determine if there are any residency or citizenship restrictions.
  • Application requirements: Scholarships typically have an application process that may include submitting an application form, essays, letters of recommendation, or other supporting documents. Pay attention to these requirements and ensure you fulfill them within the given deadline.

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