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Carolyn Wones Recruitment Grant

Carolyn Wones Recruitment Grant

Applicable For:

Undergraduate Students,Graduate Students

Max Award Amount:


Application Deadline:

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About This Scholarship

The Carolyn Wones Recruitment Grant was created to support the professional and personal development of female educators as well as academic excellence by offering tools for women. The scholarship funds at CFNIL were established by benefactors who saw the value of aiding students in achieving their educational objectives both now and in the future. The criteria were chosen by those who created the funds based on their personal preferences and community needs. Many of the scholarships offered by CFNIL are tributes that honour the lives and passions of particular people. Volunteer committees assess and evaluate the applications in a “blind” review procedure before presenting their findings and recommendations to the board of trustees of CFNIL. Late April sees the announcement of scholarship winners. Awards are delivered right to the post-secondary institution of the laureate.

Eligibility Criteria For Carolyn Wones Recruitment Grant

Here are some common eligibility criteria that may apply:

  • Gender: Scholarships for female educators typically require applicants to identify as female.
  • Occupation: The scholarships may be specifically targeted at educators, including teachers, professors, instructors, administrators, or education professionals. The specific requirements may vary, such as scholarships for K-12 teachers, early childhood educators, or higher education faculty.
  • Educational level: Scholarships may be available for educators at different levels of education, such as undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs. Some scholarships may be specific to certain fields of education, such as STEM education or special education.
  • Employment status: Some scholarships may require applicants to be actively employed as educators or provide proof of current or previous employment in the education field.
  • Academic achievements: Certain scholarships may consider academic performance as a criterion, such as maintaining a minimum GPA or demonstrating excellence in a specific subject area.
  • Financial need: Some scholarships prioritize applicants with financial need. They may require applicants to demonstrate their financial situation through documentation like tax forms, income statements, or financial aid forms.
  • Membership or affiliation: Scholarships may be available to members of specific professional organizations, such as teachers’ unions or educational associations. Check if any organizations related to education have scholarship programs.
  • Essay or interview: Scholarships often require applicants to write an essay or participate in an interview to showcase their commitment to education, career goals, or their impact on students’ lives.

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