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Featherstone HBCU Scholarships at Morgan State University

Featherstone HBCU Scholarships at Morgan State University

Applicable For:

Undergraduate Students

Max Award Amount:


Application Deadline:

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About This Scholarship

With the help of this scholarship, financial obstacles to higher education will be removed and underserved communities will have access to additional money. This unique award promotes higher education among first-generation college students from low-income households and works to level the playing field for students in inner cities. This scholarship promotes matriculation and student retention for those attending or applying to HBCUs in order to encourage the many brilliant students in Baltimore City.

High-achieving students have the chance to access critical financing through Morgan State University’s Featherstone HBCU College Scholarships, making it possible for them to attend a four-year historically black college or university (HBCU). Six Featherstone HBCU Scholarships worth $3,000 each will be given out this year by the Featherstone Foundation to deserving students.

Eligibility Criteria For Featherstone HBCU Scholarships at Morgan State University

Here are some common considerations:

  • Assets and Resources: It may consider an individual’s assets and resources when evaluating need. This can include savings, investments, property, vehicles, and other valuable assets. The specific thresholds for assets can vary depending on the program.
  • Employment Status: This scholarship may consider an individual’s employment status and work history. They may prioritize assistance for unemployed individuals, underemployed individuals, or those facing financial hardship due to job loss, disability, or other circumstances.
  • Household Composition: The size and composition of the household can be a determining factor for eligibility in many assistance programs. This includes considering the number of dependents, children, or other individuals relying on the applicant’s income for support.
  • Special Circumstances: It may consider specific circumstances that may indicate financial need, such as having a disability, being a single parent, being a veteran, or being a senior citizen. These circumstances can vary depending on the program and the support they offer.
  • Geographic Considerations: It may may have eligibility criteria based on geographic factors such as residency in a specific region, state, or country.

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