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FMA Solo Program

FMA Solo Program

Applicable For:

High School Juniors & Seniors

Max Award Amount:


Application Deadline:

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About This Scholarship

Are you a high school student passionate about both music and aviation? If you are, you may want to consider applying for the FMA Solo Program. This program is designed for high school juniors and seniors who are interested in flight training and have a love for music. The FMA Solo Program is offered by the Flying Musicians Association, a non-profit organization that supports pilots who are also musicians. The program encourages interest in music and aviation by providing flight training, training materials, a sponsored student membership in FMA, and other benefits to winning applicants since 2014. During the program, students learn to fly an airplane, complete their flight training, and are then eligible to earn their pilot’s license. This is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors who want to learn how to fly an airplane.

Eligibility Criteria For FMA Solo Program

  • Rank: The FMA Solo Program may only be available to military officers of a certain rank or above. This rank requirement may vary depending on the specific program and country.
  • Language proficiency: As the FMA Solo Program is typically conducted in the host country’s language, applicants may be required to demonstrate a certain level of proficiency in that language.
  • Security clearance: Given the sensitive nature of the FMA Solo Program, applicants may be required to have a certain level of security clearance to participate.
  • Experience: Applicants may be required to have a certain amount of military experience, as well as experience in international relations, diplomacy, or related fields.
  • Physical and medical fitness: Applicants may be required to meet certain physical and medical requirements to participate in the FMA Solo Program.

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