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Applicable For:

High School Students

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Application Deadline:

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About This Scholarship

ThIs Scholarship is open to graduating seniors from Freeman High School and high schools in the Nebraska counties of Gauge, Lancaster, Jefferson, Saline, Johnson, and Pawnee. The applicant must show involvement in extracurricular or extracurricular activities at school or in the community. Arts, music, theatre, and clubs are all possible activities. Academic excellence and financial need will only be utilised as a tie-breaker.

Eligibility Criteria For Gabby-matthes-memorial-scholarship

Here are some common eligibility criteria that often apply to scholarships in the fields of art and music:

  • Artistic or Musical Ability: Scholarships in art and music typically require applicants to demonstrate a certain level of artistic or musical talent. This may involve submitting a portfolio of artwork, a recorded performance, or participating in an audition or evaluation process.
  • Field of Study: Scholarships may be available for students pursuing a degree or career in various art forms, such as visual arts, performing arts (music, theater, dance), creative writing, film, or other artistic disciplines.
  • Educational Level: Scholarships may target different educational levels, including high school seniors planning to pursue an art or music degree, undergraduate students already enrolled in an art or music program, or graduate students pursuing advanced studies in the arts.
  • Academic Achievement: Some scholarships in art and music consider academic performance as a criterion. This may involve maintaining a minimum GPA or meeting certain academic standards set by the scholarship provider.
  • Financial Need: Certain scholarships in art and music are specifically designed to support students with demonstrated financial need. Applicants may be required to provide financial information, such as tax documents or a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Letters of Recommendation: Scholarships may require applicants to submit letters of recommendation from teachers, mentors, or professionals who can attest to their artistic or musical abilities and potential.
  • Essay or Personal Statement: Many scholarships ask for an essay or personal statement where applicants can express their passion for their chosen artistic or musical field, describe their artistic journey, and explain why they are deserving of the scholarship.

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