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Jasin Undergraduate Scholarships

Jasin Undergraduate Scholarships

Applicable For:

College Junior

Max Award Amount:


Application Deadline:

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About This Scholarship

The Jasin Undergraduate Scholarships is a scholarship program designed to support undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree in business, marketing, or a related field. The scholarship is funded by the Jasin Fund, a non-profit organization that provides financial support and mentorship to young entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The scholarship awards vary in amount and are renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study, provided that the recipient maintains satisfactory academic progress and continues to demonstrate financial need. In addition to financial support, recipients of the Jasin Undergraduate Scholarships also receive mentorship and networking opportunities through the Jasin Fund’s network of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Jasin Undergraduate Scholarships provides an excellent opportunity for students who are passionate about business and entrepreneurship to receive financial support and mentorship to achieve their academic and career goals. It also serves as a platform for students to connect with professionals in the field and to learn about the latest trends and best practices in business and marketing. Additionally, the scholarship program helps promote diversity and inclusion in the business world by supporting students from diverse backgrounds who may face financial barriers to pursuing higher education.

Eligibility Criteria For Jasin Undergraduate Scholarships

The Jasin Undergraduate Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree in business or a related field. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a current undergraduate student or have been accepted to one of the listed schools for the upcoming academic year.
  • The Applicant must be pursuing a degree in business or a related field.
  • Must demonstrate financial need.

Applicants are required to submit an application form, official transcripts, a personal statement, and two letters of recommendation. The personal statement should outline the applicant’s career aspirations in business or a related field and their interest in the scholarship.

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