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The Barrows Family Scholarship Fund

The Barrows Family Scholarship Fund

Applicable For:

Undergraduate Students

Max Award Amount:


Application Deadline:

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About This Scholarship

The Barrows Family tuition provides a college tuition to a graduate of Eveleth-Gilbert High School in memory of Frank L. Barrows and Frank L. Barrows II. Candidates must have the intention of enrolling right away in a four-year, two-year, or technical college after high school. In 2014, Frank II’s parents established the scholarship in honour of their son. The family of funds managed by the Eveleth Community Foundation Fund includes this scholarship. Both Frank and Frank II were born in Eveleth. The family established this scholarship to enable others to pursue their aspirations.

Eligibility Criteria For The Barrows Family Scholarship Fund

Here are some common eligibility considerations:

Field of study: Technical college scholarships are often specific to certain technical fields or vocational programs. These scholarships may require applicants to be enrolling in a specific technical college program or pursuing a particular career path.

  • Academic qualifications: Some scholarships have academic requirements, such as a minimum high school GPA or specific course prerequisites. The specific GPA and course requirements can vary between scholarship programs.
  • Letters of recommendation: Some scholarships may require one or more letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, employers, or individuals who can speak to your qualifications and potential as a technical college student.
  • Extracurricular activities and achievements: Scholarship programs often value applicants who have demonstrated involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, community service, or other notable achievements during their high school years. Highlighting your involvement and accomplishments in these areas can strengthen your scholarship application.
  • Personal statement or essay: Many scholarships require applicants to submit a personal statement or essay that highlights their career goals, passion for the chosen technical field, and how the scholarship will support their education and future aspirations.
  • Application materials: The scholarship application may require various documents, such as a completed application form, high school transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and possibly proof of financial need.

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