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Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarships

Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarships

Applicable For:

High School Students & Undergraduate Students

Max Award Amount:


Application Deadline:

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About This Scholarship

The Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarships are a set of scholarships offered by the Watson-Brown Foundation, Inc. This foundation was established in 1970 and is dedicated to providing scholarships and grants to students from Georgia and South Carolina, United States. The scholarships aim to support students in their pursuit of higher education and are available for undergraduate studies.

The Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarships are primarily focused on supporting students from the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) of Georgia and South Carolina. The foundation aims to preserve and promote the historical and cultural heritage of the region through its scholarship program.

These scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, including academic achievements, financial need, leadership qualities, community involvement, and a demonstrated interest in the history and culture of the CSRA. The scholarship amounts may vary depending on the individual recipient and their specific needs.

Eligibility Criteria For Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarships

The eligibility criteria for Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarships can vary depending on the specific scholarship program within the foundation. However, here are some general guidelines that may apply:Residency: Typically, the scholarships are available to students who are residents of Georgia or South Carolina, United States. Some scholarships may have specific residency requirements within these states, such as being from a particular county or region.

  • Academic Standing: Applicants are often required to have a strong academic record. This may include a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) or specific class ranking criteria.
  • Financial Need: Some scholarships consider financial need as a criterion for eligibility. Applicants may be required to provide financial information and demonstrate that they require financial assistance to pursue higher education.
  • Field of Study: Certain scholarships may be open to students from any field of study, while others may have specific preferences for certain majors or academic disciplines.
  • Community Involvement: Many scholarships value community involvement and leadership qualities. Applicants may be asked to provide information about their extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or leadership roles.

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