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Can D2 give Athletic Scholarships?

Scholarships are given by the providers to the eligible and most deserving candidates. Athletic scholarships are also designed to help athlete students and there are many other scholarships available as well to help needy students with education costs like academic scholarships, merit scholarships, etc. D2 schools give athletic scholarships based on partial and full scholarship models. If you want to find athletic scholarships then you can search with as thousands of scholarships are listed there. You can apply for more than one scholarship at a time because there is no such limit to how many scholarships you can apply for. Here, we will discuss Can division 2 schools give Scholarships, which athletic scholarships are offered by D2, the Minimum GPA requirements for Athletic scholarships, and which sport is the hardest to get scholarships.

Can Division 2 schools give Scholarships?

Yes, Division 2 schools give various scholarships and in this, athletic scholarships are also involved. Both D1 and D2 schools offer large opportunities over scholarships. If you are planning to take admission to a D1 school for an athletic scholarship then you should know that some schools like Ivy League in D1 don’t offer athletic scholarships. They only focus on need-based financial aid.

D2 schools offer athletic scholarships on a partial model. The partial model of scholarship is also known as the equivalency model. This model supports schools in helping students even remaining within the budget. According to the estimates, the cost of scholarships at D2 is half as compared to D1 because D1 schools also support Athletic scholarships.

The amount of scholarship is also different according to the sport. For example, the coaches decided to give 36 grants to football at D2 school. The criteria for the amount are decided by the coaches. The plan prepared by the college for the football team is much more than 36 grants. It means the division of money is fully decided by coaches. The amount of scholarship amount that students receive will depend upon various factors like financial need, academic performance, relationship with coaches, and athletic performance. So, if you want to receive athletic scholarships at D2 schools then you have to focus on your games and academics.

Can D2 give Athletic Scholarships?

Division 2 schools offer athletic scholarships based on partial and full scholarship models. Most scholarships that are given by D2 are partial scholarships. Full scholarships are also offered by them but it is a rare case. In D1 and D2 schools, there are more than $3.6 billion of athletic scholarships offered to the students and in this, more than 180,000 students and athletes are covered by them. Now, let’s discuss primarily which scholarship is offered by D2 schools.

Which Athletic Scholarship is offered (full or partial) by D2 schools?

D2 schools offer partial scholarships more than full scholarships. If you want to get a full scholarship at a D2 school then you have to focus on your academics, sports, teams, and coaches. The equivalency model of scholarships helps students in getting full-time scholarships as well to some extent. The amount of scholarships at D2 is divided by coaches according to the sports which means football and basketball players get different amounts of scholarships. The goal of D2 schools is to provide 18-20 athletic scholarships each year. If you are an all-rounder who is good in academics, sports, and other activities then you will get a full-time scholarship if decided by the coach. On the other hand, you will get a partial scholarship.

How much GPA is required to play D2 sports and to get a Scholarship?

Students are eligible for D2 sports and can get scholarships if their minimum GPA is 2.2 which means there are at least C grades obtained by students in all subjects. If your mark is less than a 2.2 GPA, then you will not get a scholarship and not be able to play D2 sports. Before 2019, students are not able to earn money on their names, and images but it affects the performance of the players in sports to some extent. In 2019, student-athletes are allowed to make extra and personal money with their names and images in D2 schools. This decision was taken by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Before 2019, if any athlete wants to earn a profit on their name then it is considered illegal and the athlete is liable to face major punishment.

In which sport is it the hardest to get a Scholarship in D2 schools?

There is no such sport in which it is hardest and easiest to get a scholarship because every sport has its importance. If you are applying for a popular sport like football and basketball then you have to face a high competition and your chance of getting a scholarship is fewer. On the other hand, if you are applying for a less popular sport like badminton then you will easily get a scholarship because competition is very low in this sport. One more thing is that the scholarships are also less offered in less popular sports.

According to data, D1 and D2 schools jointly offer around $3.6 billion for Athletic scholarships each year. With this, around 180,000 student-athletes get a chance of winning the scholarship. If you feel the athletic scholarships that you choose will not award you enough then you can try other Scholarships as well because there are plenty of scholarships available that will surely help you out. You can apply for other scholarships as well like academic scholarships, field-specific scholarships, etc. Before applying you must check over the amount of scholarship because sometimes they offer scholarships for a full team of players and in this case, the amount may be low for an individual. Therefore, you must have to check the eligibility criteria and other details. For different types of scholarships, you can search with as thousands of scholarships are available there and hundreds of scholarships are added daily.


Division 2 schools offer scholarships the same as Division 1 schools but Division 2 schools offer partial scholarships more as compared to full scholarships. They follow the equivalency model. The cost of a D2 school scholarship is half that of a D1 school scholarship. For winning the scholarship at D2 schools students have to maintain a GPA of at least 2.2. This GPA is low as it refers to the C grades in all subjects. You can apply for D2 scholarships as per your preference because a large number of scholarships are provided by D2 with different specifications. If you are unable to find the scholarship then you can search with as well. It contains numerous scholarships and hundreds of scholarships listed there daily.