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Does The Ivy League Give Football Scholarships?

does ivy league give football scholarships

In athletic scholarships, football holds a significant place and is awarded to candidates with exceptional skills in sports. In the United States, scholarships in the field of athletics including football are highly competitive and available for candidates having potential skills in specific sports. Ivy League works with various colleges and institutions where they offer various scholarship programs to support the education and skills of the students. Ivy League is known for its academic excellence and commitment to the education of the students. Here, we will explore whether the Ivy League gives football scholarships and how the Ivy League calculates financial need and eligibility for awarding the scholarships. 

About Ivy League Football Scholarships

Ivy League provides athletics scholarships to support the student-athletes. Ivy League consists of 8 prestigious colleges, institutions, and universities in the United States. The list of colleges includes Harvard University, Princeton University, Brown University, Columbia University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College, and Cornell University. These colleges and universities have highly competitive athletic scholarships and every year, many students will face rejections. The eligibility for these scholarships not only depends upon the athletic skills but on the academic index as well. These academic indexes are evaluated based on the SAT and ACT scores. The average academic index of these institutions or colleges is higher than others. The Ivy League recruits students with exceptional academics and can keep up with the school and athletic workload. 

Based on the new developments in the athletic field, the criteria for awarding the scholarship in the Ivy League made significant transformations. To know the exact details about athletic scholarship including football, students should visit the Ivy League schools and colleges. 

Does The Ivy League Give Football Scholarships?

Yes, the Ivy League offers athletic scholarships but these scholarships are not only based on athletic merit. Ivy League works with a range of eight colleges and institutions where they prioritize the academic excellence and needs of the students. They offer athletics scholarships to students who can manage the workload of both academics and athletics. Some colleges prioritize need-based criteria for offering scholarships. This criterion is not followed by every university. According to the rules and regulations of the colleges, the approach may vary. Some athletic scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence where the SAT and ACT scores are evaluated by the providers. Football is one of the popular sports on the Ivy League campuses. 

How Does the Ivy League Calculate Financial Need And Eligibility For Football Scholarships?

The Ivy League follows its own institutional strategy to calculate financial need and eligibility for awarding football scholarships. Now, as you know, Ivy League do not offer athletic scholarships based on athletic skills including football. These are awarded based either on the demonstrative need or academic abilities. 

  • Students need to submit the financial aid forms. These forms are considered by the providers to evaluate the profile of the candidate. They consider the student’s family income, assets, liabilities, expenses, and other financial conditions. 
  • Providers calculate the financial need with the help of the financial aid form by calculating the difference between the expected income of the family and the cost of the course. This difference makes the candidate eligible for the scholarship.
  • Each school has its own criteria for valuation. The calculation formula for financial aid differs based on their elements because some include family income, assets, household size, etc., and some consider other factors like loan amount, previously earned scholarships, etc.
  • The goal of awarding the athletics scholarship is to minimize the financial need of the students by providing them with suitable funding to pursue their athletic and academic careers in their preferred fields.
  • It is important to note that the Ivy League scholarships are renewable and before renewing, the providers review the performance of the candidates annually. Students need to apply for financial aid by providing updated financial and academic information. This process continues till the last year of the enrollment program.

Therefore, for awarding the athletics scholarships to the right candidate, the Ivy League schools calculate the eligibility criteria by finding out the difference between the cost of education and the financial income of the candidate’s family. 


The Ivy League does not provide athletics scholarships traditionally which means not based on athletic skills. They offer athletics scholarships based on the financial need of the candidate in which they calculate the financial need according to the financial need form. In this form, the candidate provides all the relevant information about the financial income of the family. The providers calculate the difference between the financial income of the candidate’s family and the cost of the education. Sometimes, academic abilities are also evaluated by the providers due to the high level of competition. Therefore, students need to maintain both academic and athletic skills to pursue their careers in Ivy League schools and colleges.