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How Much Is The Zell Miller Scholarship? 

how much is zell miller scholarship

Zell Miller’s scholarship is among the most prestigious in Georgia, United States. Scholarships are designed to support the students by providing financial assistance and the Zell Miller scholarship was established to make a transformative impact on the students. This scholarship increases the educational landscape in Georgia as the admissions to colleges of higher education increase. The Zell Miller scholarship was awarded to candidates with exceptional educational skills and academic excellence. Here, to give you insight into the Zell Miller scholarship, we will discuss how much is the Zell Miller scholarship, the application process, the eligibility criteria, and the benefits.

About The History And Significance Of Zell Miller Scholarship

If we talk about the history of Zell Miller’s scholarship, you come to know that it was established in 1993 with the Hope scholarship in Georgia. It was founded by Governor Zell Miller to support the higher education of the students in Georgia. Based on the new developments and innovations in the education sector, this scholarship was revised by Zell Miller in 2011. So, the Zell Miller scholarship was the extension of the Hope Scholarship. This program makes higher education affordable for students who are unable to afford education in Georgia. The Zell Miller scholarship program is funded by the Georgia Lottery for Education whose mission is to enhance the academic landscape in Georgia. 

Zell Miller scholarship makes a significant impact on students. It increases access to higher education by providing retention to the talent of the students. It is a merit-based scholarship awarded based on the exceptional academic excellence of the students. Additionally, it reduces the students’ financial burden and helps them focus on their studies. The alleviation of financial stress motivates students to focus on the achievement of their future goals. 

How Much Is The Zell Miller Scholarship?

The Zell Miller scholarship provides 100% coverage for the tuition cost. Students are not required to take any loan for their education because it offers complete coverage. For the 15 credit hours per term in the two semesters of enrollment, the Zell Miller awards $10,258. This amount may vary year to year according to the new policies and regulations of the institutions in Georgia. Students do not have to pay any tuition cost out of pocket for their higher education because they provide 100% coverage to eligible students. Full coverage is available with public colleges or universities and private colleges or universities provide partial tuition coverage. Therefore, students need to analyze the policies and regulations of private and public institutions in Georgia. 

Application Process For The Zell Miller Scholarship 

The application process for the Zell Miller scholarship takes only a few steps. The below-mentioned points explain its application in detail.

  • Students are required to complete the FAFSA form for the successful application. The free application for federal student aid is the form that describes the eligibility for the Zell Miller scholarship. It is applicable for federal and state-based financial scholarship programs. 
  • Students need to complete the requirements based on the private and public institutions of the Georgia Zell Miller scholarship. It includes a wide range of criteria such as academic scores, good scores on standardized tests, residency certificate, citizenship of the United States, involvement in other curricular activities, and leadership events.
  • A satisfactory level of academic performance is one of the mandatory criteria for a successful application because it is a merit-based scholarship program. This scholarship is awarded only to students who have exceptional academic skills. 

Therefore, by filling out the FAFSA form and fulfilling the eligibility criteria of the institutions, students can easily apply for the Zell Miller scholarship program in Georgia, United States.

Eligibility Criteria For The Zell Miller Scholarship

The list of the common eligibility criteria that are applicable for both public and private institutions or colleges for the Zell Miller scholarship are as follows. 

  • Students must be legal residents of Georgia, United States.
  • Students must complete their high school education and bachelor’s degree from an eligible school or institution in Georgia. 
  • It is a merit-based scholarship and due to this, students need to maintain a high academic score in their high school and graduation. 
  • Students must score high marks in standardized tests like ACT and SAT.
  • For the renewal of the scholarship, students need to maintain consistency in academic performance in their higher education semesters. 
  • Along with the educational performance, students are required to take part in extracurricular activities that showcase their athletic and leadership skills. 

Hence, these are the eligibility criteria that are commonly followed by every public and private institution for higher studies in Georgia. Students must visit the official websites of the institutions for up-to-date details.

What Are The Benefits Of The Zell Miller Scholarship? 

Zell Miller scholarships offer numerous benefits to the students because they provide full coverage to the eligible students for the cost of higher education and students are not required to take any further loan amount to find their higher education. It reduces their financial stress and allows them to focus on their studies and improve their academic performance. It is a renewable award for which students only have to complete a specific number of credit hours and maintain a consistent level of academic performance based on the standards. If students apply for public colleges for higher education, they will get full coverage and if they apply for private institutions, they will get partial coverage. Hence, it provides flexibility to the students in choosing the institution according to their preference and suitability by funding their tuition cost including their other educational expenses.


In conclusion, the Zell Miller scholarship program is a merit-based scholarship program that provides complete coverage for the tuition cost for higher studies. This scholarship program applies to both private and public universities in Georgia. The public universities offer 100% coverage for the tuition cost and the private University provides partial coverage. To get eligible for the program students need to complete the eligibility criteria where required to maintain a satisfactory level of academic performance, good marks on standardized tests like the ACT and SAT, and extracurricular involvement to prove their leadership, athletic, and other relevant skills. This scholarship is available only for students who are legal residents of Georgia, United States.