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Can you Play College Football without a Scholarship? 

Can you play college football without a scholarship

If you are an athlete and have a great interest in football then a variety of scholarships are available that will support your passion. Football is one of the sports which is having a large number of scholarship opportunities. With your athletic skills, you can earn a good scholarship to attend a college or university or a private High School in the United States. Now, the point is can you play college football without a scholarship? This article will give you insight into no-scholarship football including the best possible ways. We will also discuss some other facts such as the easiest athletic scholarship, and whether football is the hardest sport.

Can you Play College Football without a Scholarship?

Yes, you can play college football without a scholarship. You have to do the below-mentioned things to play football without a scholarship. On the other hand, athletic scholarships are given to those athletes who have great potential and exceptional skills. So, if you are looking for playing football without a scholarship then these strategies will help you out.

  • Search for the schools that offer athletic programs without scholarships.
  • Start playing at the schools of Division 2
  • Consider Division 3 schools as well.
  • Look to attend junior colleges.
  • Maintain your grades.
  • Try as a walk-on.

Search for the Schools that offer Athletic Programs without Scholarships

The athletic scholarships cover football on the primary basis as football is the most played sport. The highest number of scholarships are available for football. Some schools are available that offer non-scholarship programs as well. At these schools, students can try their luck to earn a spot on the roaster. They do not consider the financial situation of the student as they offer no-scholarship programs. Students have to work hard to get a spot on the roaster because it’s not easy to earn as spots are reserved for the walk-ons. Still, it’s a great option to try and if you could make it then it leads to a great college football experience.

Start playing at the Schools of Division 2

There is an intense level of competition at Division 1 schools for earning athletic scholarships in sports like football. However, Division 2 schools offer various opportunities for students to continue their careers as an athlete at the college level. Division 2 schools provide the best platform for the players to test their athletic skills whether they can make it in college sports or not. Participation in these Division schools also provides partial scholarship opportunities. So, to earn the experience of college football Division 2 schools are best.

Division 3 Schools

Division 3 schools offer various opportunities for students to participate in college football and they do not offer athletic scholarships. The only thing you have to maintain to get a chance in Division 3 for playing football is good academic scores. You have to meet the educational requirements and then you can get a chance of playing football without a scholarship.

Look to attend Junior Colleges

Junior colleges offer attractive ways to gain a college education with affordable programs and it also provides valuable experience. Junior College provide an opportunity to participate in college-level sports and the students can hone their athletic skills. The schools provide 2-year programs rather than 4-year programs. After completion of the 2-year program at Junior College, the student gets the opportunity to be recruited by universities for a 4-year college based on experience at Junior College. Therefore, junior colleges are the best way to earn experience, save money, and prepare themselves for the next level.

Maintain your Grades

Grades play an important role in providing an opportunity for playing football without a scholarship. So, the planning to play in the field starts in the classroom for an athlete. Many opportunities are available based on academic skills and for this, students have to maintain their GPA (Grade Point Average) to get eligible for the competition. On the other hand, good academic scores increase the chance of receiving a scholarship for paying college fees. Therefore, you have to stay focused and must have to work hard to maintain grades to get eligible for acing your athletic skills. To be a successful athletic football player, you have to maintain both skills athletic and academic.

Try as a Walk-On

Most colleges give priority to the talented walk-ons who actively participate in the teams and put extra effort to dedicate themselves to the athletic team. The coaches in the colleges considered walk-ons as one of the valuable assets of the program. Participating as a walk-on offers the opportunity to prove their worth and to earn valuable experience before being recruited by any team. The walk-on candidates bring a lot of passion and competition that inspire the whole team to achieve their goals. So, to gain experience for the future, you can enter as a walk-on in the college football athletic team.

Therefore, these are the best options that can help you in playing football even without a scholarship. So, if you are having potential then follow these ways to earn experience of playing in a college football team.

Which Sport offers the most Scholarships?

The highest number of film scholarships are available in the sports like football, hockey, baseball, and soccer. Earning a scholarship is not that easy in these sports because the competition is very high. To make yourself eligible, you have to earn some experience as an athlete and should maintain good grades in your school. Therefore, to get the scholarship you have to fulfill all the required eligibility criteria of the colleges.


To play college football without a scholarship, you can use several ways including Division 2 and Division 3 colleges. One more option is to take help from junior colleges as they provide you the great experience and the opportunity to get a scholarship as well. You only have to work hard with your grades and your athletic skills to get a chance of playing college football without a scholarship. Don’t stick yourself with one option, try to apply for more than one option because it increases the chance of getting selected. The walk-ons are also considered the best option because the coaches support them as they bring a lot of motivation to the team.