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Does Carnegie Mellon give Merit Scholarships?

Does carnegie mellon give merit scholarships

Scholarships are the financial aid through which students can pay off their higher education expenses. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) offers various scholarship programs to its students. The programs under which scholarship programs are available include various fields such as Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Fine Arts, and many more. So, here we will learn which scholarships are available at Carnegie Mellon University, and how much merit aid is available at Carnegie Mellon University. Let’s begin with the context of Carnegie Mellon University.

What is Carnegie Mellon University?

Carnegie Mellon is the institution established by Andrew Carnegie in 1900 as the Carnegie Technical School. It is a private university that is famous for its research and is located in Pennsylvania. It started granting 4-year degree programs when it became the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1912. It offers the world class interdisciplinary programs which ranks them as the Global University. The list of programs includes computing, engineering, humanity, arts, business, computer science, etc. It offers various scholarship programs to attract students which includes merit-based programs and their purpose is to attract talented students only. The talent of the students is evaluated through their academic achievement, leadership skills, and potential for future success.

Does Carnegie Mellon give Merit Scholarships?

Yes, Carnegie Mellon University gives a wide range of merit scholarships. These scholarship programs are available for undergraduate students which may vary by the different academic programs. It helps students in waiving off their tuition fees and also offers several other benefits. Along with the academic skills the providers also evaluate students’ communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, problem-solving abilities, and creativity. Carnegie Mellon University has a diverse cultural environment and is known for its innovative education sector. The name and the details of the merit scholarships may change over time. The merit-based scholarships that are available at CMU are as follows.

  • University Merit Scholarships: The merit scholarships offered at different levels in CMU are based on academic achievement, well-rounded profile, and test scores SAT or ACT. If the student can maintain the exceptional qualities then they’re eligible for these scholarships. It provides coverage of full tuition costs and helps students in reducing the financial burden of college costs at CMU.
  • Diversity Scholarships: CMU scholarships focus on diversity among students. To support this and to foster diversity CMU offers various scholarships. Through diversity scholarships, they welcome talented individuals who are different from others. These are the merit scholarships and their offer to those who are facing financial barriers.
  • Audition-based Scholarships: Some scholarships are based on auditions and selected through the evaluation of the audition. In this, some creative fields are involved like drama, design, music, fine arts, etc. So, these scholarships are for exceptionally talented students. It helps them in pursuing their talent without any financial issues. It provides the opportunity to turn their talent into earnings that help them in dealing with their future expenses.
  • Carnegie Merit Scholarship: Carnegie Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships that cover full tuition costs. It is awarded to first-year students and the providers choose students based on their leadership abilities, academic record, etc. It is the most competitive scholarship and is awarded to the selected number of students. In their application process, students have to submit an additional application along with their regular admission application.
  • Leadership Scholarships: Leadership scholarships are designed for those candidates who demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities and are ready to contribute to society.
  • Departmental Scholarships: Some merit scholarships at CMU are divided among the departments. Each department offers scholarships as per their criteria according to the major. For example, the computer science department has scholarships for computer science students, etc.

So, these are the merit scholarship programs available at Carnegie Mellon University. Students have to comply with the rules and regulations of the provides to get eligible for the scholarships.

Net Price of Financial Aid at Carnegie Mellon University

Scholarships help individuals in lowering the price of higher education at CMU. With some of the merit scholarships, you can completely waive your tuition fees and sometimes other expenses as well. As per the data, the net price of financial aid offered by the university is around $60,000 per year. So, to grasp the opportunity you have to follow their eligibility criteria for the scholarships.


Carnegie Mellon University offers various merit-based scholarships that are available to outstanding students. The students were selected with the evaluation of their academic achievement, leadership qualities, and any other specific talent. Some scholarships cover the cost of full tuition fees and some cover the partial amount. Its main purpose is to support the brightest students who are capable to serve for the society and the growth of the university. Students have to follow specific deadlines and also submit materials like essays, portfolios, recommendations, etc. All these documents work as an additional attachment with the application.