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Does Duke Give Merit Scholarships?

Does duke give merit scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to students for further education. The scholarship awards are based on certain criteria like academic skills, athletic skills, financial need, diversity, and other skills. Students apply for scholarships to reduce their financial burden to some extent because scholarships for classified into need-based and merit-based aids. The need-based scholarships are awarded based on the financial need and merit-based scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements. Duke University offers various scholarship programs including need-based and merit-based. Each scholarship has its criteria. So, here we will discuss scholarship availability at Duke University, does it offers merit scholarships, what are the criteria for eligibility, etc.

About Duke University

Duke University is known for its academic excellence and it is the private research University in North Carolina United States. Duke promotes learning through various means like intellectual growth, interdisciplinary exploration, and critical thinking. It provides a rigorous academic environment for the students. Duke was founded by Methodists and Quakers in 1838 in the city of Trinity. After this, they moved to Durham in the year 1892. In Durham, they created a worldwide financial Empire that engaged in the manufacturing of tobacco products and also developed electricity.

Duke University was established by James Buchanan Duke in 1924. He created this in memory of his father, named Washington Duke. Duke offers a variety of scholarships to help students.

Does Duke Give Merit Scholarships?

Yes, Duke offers various merit scholarship programs, and these programs of classified as scholarships for incoming first-year students and scholarships for current Duke undergraduates. The application process is also simple as students aren’t required to apply separately but the scholarship program named Robertson scholarship program requires a separate application. Students are selected for the merit scholarship based on their applications. Providers notify the students about their selection for merit scholarships by email and then call them for the final interview which is conducted by the scholarship selection committee. So, the list of merit scholarships is mentioned below.

Duke’s Merit Scholarships for Incoming Students

The merit scholarships that are available at Duke University for incoming first-year students are as follows.

  • Benjamin N. Duke Scholarship: The students who excel academically in their High School and also maintain other interests like engagement with community services, leadership qualities, etc. are eligible for the Benjamin scholarship. It is available for North and South Carolina students.
  • Angier B. Duke Scholarship: It is one of the oldest scholarships at Duke which was established in 1925. It is awarded to those students who are self-motivated and have the potential to change the world with their outstanding academic skills. The students who can meet the challenges faced by the society. It provides opportunities for students to study at Oxford University without any cost. The providers select students based on their creativity, talent, and abilities.
  • Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholarship: The students who have good academic skills, and leadership skills, and are committed to working for social justice are eligible for this scholarship. It is offered to African and American students.
  • David M. Rubenstein Scholarship: The scholarship is named after David M. Rubenstein. He was a Duke alumnus who was the first person in his family to attend college at Duke University. In this situation, this scholarship is available to students who are the first members of their families to attend college means it supports first-generation students. The students who are academically strong and belongs to low-income family are considered for Rubenstein Scholarship.
  • Trinity Scholarships: It is awarded to North and South Carolina students who have outstanding academic achievement. Sometimes, the financial need is also considered while awarding Trinity Scholarship.
  • Alumni Endowed Scholarship: This scholarship is designed for the students of the Alumni of Duke University. The students who have good academic achievement and the children or grandchildren of Duke Alumni are considered eligible.

So, these scholarships are awarded to first-year freshman students at Duke University. Now, look at the merit scholarships that are for current students.

Merit Scholarships for Current Students of Duke University

Some merit scholarships for continuing students are also available and mentioned below.

  • Robertson Scholar Leadership Program: The students who are in their first year of study can apply for this scholarship to fund their education for the coming years. The students who became eligible for this scholarship can receive full tuition, room and board, and fees for up to six semesters. The application process is also simple as students can apply by using their current Duke’s student application.

The eligibility depends upon various factors including the minimum GPA of 3.0 in the first semester, the student must enroll for full-time study, the student should not be a transfer student and students of any nationality and citizenship can apply for this scholarship.

  • Nakayama Public Service Scholarship: This scholarship is for senior students who excel in academics, and leadership, provide a commitment to the development of society, and are ready to build a career in public service.

Therefore, these are the merit scholarships that are for continuing students of Duke University. To get eligible students have to maintain good academic scores in the first year of college.


Duke University engages in providing both need-based and merit-based scholarships. The merit-based scholarships are awarded based on exceptional skills and talents including academic achievements, leadership skills, extracurricular involvement, etc. It provides accessibility to students who are from diverse backgrounds and can foster a dynamic learning environment in the university. Students can search for Duke scholarships through the Duke financial aid office and the admission department. To get eligible students have to maintain their application with their strengths and achievements.