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Does Etsy get the Scholarship in Unorthodox?

Does esty get the scholarship in unorthodox

The Unorthodox is a mini-series that is available on Netflix. It is one of the famous dramas which has several episodes. Esty is one of the characters in this drama. Many of you want to know whether Esty gets the scholarship in Unorthodox drama or not. To help you know about this concept we will discuss who is Etsy, What is Unorthodox in detail. So, let’s get started.

What is Unorthodox?

Unorthodox is a drama that debuted on Netflix in 2020. It is a German-based drama that is also known as a minidrama. This drama has four parts and is written by Alexa Karolinski and Anna Winger. This series is directed by Maria Schrader. This is one of the best series in German as it received eight-time nominations from Primetime Emmy Awards. The list of nominations includes outstanding writing for a limited series (Anna Winger), outstanding limited series, etc. This series won an award for outstanding directing for a limited series (Maria Schrader). The main characters of the series are Esther (Etsy), Yakov (Yanky), and Moishe Leftovitch.

Who is Etsy?

Esty is the character in Unorthodox drama. The full name of the character is Esther Shapiro. This character is played by Shira Haas. In the series, Etsy Shapiro was a 19-year-old Jewish woman. She was living unhappily in an arranged marriage and the group of Satmar sect of the Ultra-Orthodox community. This community is present in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City. She runs away to Berlin but when her husband learns that she is pregnant, he travels to Berlin along with his cousin to find her.

Does Etsy get the Scholarship in Unorthodox?

The character named Etsy in the unorthodox series on Netflix does not get the scholarship and there is no specification that Etsy received a scholarship in the Netflix series. The Etsy storyline is not revolving around receiving a scholarship in an unorthodox. The whole stories about her journey and how she leaves her community to pursue her dreams. She played a role of a supportive friend. The main focus of the series regarding Etsy is on her personal growth and her exploration outside the strict religious community in which she lives. She runs away from her ultra-orthodox community to Berlin and then she explores her aspirations and freedom.

Application for Scholarship by Etsy

In Berlin, Etsy meets Robert, who was rehearsing with his friends at a nearby music conservatory. Etsy sneaks into rehearsal of Robert and is deeply moved by their music. She feels free at that time and wants to live her dreams. After this, Etsy spent while night in the conservatory, and now all those people became her friends. One of them advised her to apply for the hardship scholarship which is given to the talented refuses and musicians to deal with their difficult circumstances. Etsy is good at playing Piano and she feels free while playing music. She decides to go forward to apply for the scholarship. After some time, due to their issues, she decides to withdraw the application the woman who processed her application convinced her to continue with it. Afterward, she was attending a Yael performance in a club and she was spotted by his husband’s cousin Moishe. Moishe threatens her to return to her husband but she decides to attend the audition. She performs a song “An Die Musik”. After her performance, she meets her husband Yanky, and refuses to go with him. Esty tells him that it’s too late and now wants to live her new life.

Therefore, in the whole series the application part for the scholarship is mentioned but did she get the scholarship or not is not mentioned anywhere. So, it’s not clear that she got the scholarship in Unorthodox drama. Eventually, she only applied for it.


In the whole four episodes of the unorthodox series, it is not clearly stated that Esty gets the scholarship. Only the part regarding the application of the scholarship is mentioned which means she applied for the scholarship but did she get it or not is not mentioned anywhere. The whole story is revolving around Esty’s personal growth and her strict religious community. At the end of the fourth episode, she leaves her husband and starts her new life.