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How Much Does It Cost To Endow A $500 Scholarship?

How much does it cost to endow a 500 scholarship

The scholarships are offered to the students to fund their higher education. It helps students pay for their direct educational expenses, such as books, tuition, and fees. Creating a scholarship fund is not as difficult as it is easier than you think. Just with the right help and guidance, you can create a scholarship fund either in memory of someone or for low-income family students. The best way to endow a scholarship fund is to work with a reputable scholarship management organization. They can help you with the creation of scholarships, donation collection, reviewing applications, awarding scholarship money, etc. There are various factors that you have to understand to endow a scholarship fund. Here, we will discuss all those factors in detail.

How Much Does It Cost To Endow A $500 Scholarship?

The endowed scholarship is a kind of donation that earns interest each year to fund education. It generates annual income which provides support to pursue higher education. In this, the initial amount is not used for funding the education rather the interest that is earned on the initial amount is used to fund the education. You can start endowing a scholarship from $500 as well. There is no requirement for large funds. You can add to your initial amount whenever you have money. The larger the initial amount, the bigger the interest. The factors that you have to consider to calculate the $500 endowment scholarship are discussed below.

Steps to Calculate a $500 Endowed Scholarship

To calculate the cost of an endowed scholarship follow the below mentioned points.

  • Investment Plan: You should evaluate the investment plan where the scholarship funds are allocated, what is the expected rate of return, and what policies are adopted to diversify the risk. You have to follow the strategic investment plan that helps you in lowering your risk. The rule says the higher the risk, the higher the return. To lower the risk, you can diversify your investment in different securities. The rate of return will impact the initial amount of the investment. To generate $500, you have to invest initial money accordingly.
  • Pay Rate: The general payout rate is around 4 to 5%. You need to plan your initial investment as per the pay rate. If you want to generate $500 from an endowed scholarship, invest with the balanced amount. The balanced amount and the diversification of investment can generate $500 easily.
  • Monitor the Inflation: The inflation rate impacts the purchasing power of the scholarship. You need to monitor the inflation rate with the time. To retain the value of your investment to $500, adjust your initial value according to the inflation.
  • Calculation of Endowment: To calculate the endowment cost, you need to divide the annual scholarship amount by the payout rate. After calculating, you will get to know how much amount you need to contribute to get a $500 endowment.

So, in the calculation of the cost of a $500 endowment scholarship, the rate of return, and the investment strategies play an important role. The securities where you diversify your investment amount are very important because they decide your return amount. If you are unable to calculate the endowed amount of scholarship, you can get help from experts and financial advisors. They will show you a clear picture of the calculated amounts.

Do you Require Larger Funds to Start a Scholarship?

No, it is not true. You do not require any larger funds to start a scholarship. You can simply start it with a cost of around $10,000. The endowed scholarship provides funding to your education by the interest amount that you have earned on your endowed initial amount.


To endow a $500 scholarship, you need to invest around $12,000 as per the payout rate of 4%. Generally, the rate of return is around 4% to 5%. To know the exact figures of your investment amount, consider the strategy of investment, endowment payout rate, and market inflation. If you are unable to invest your funds in diversified securities, you can get help from financial advisors. They will guide you with the best investment options and provide you with the calculations of your endowed investment. You can calculate the $500 Endowment with the following formula.

Cost = Annual Scholarship Amount / Payout Rate.

So, follow the requirements, and administration fees of the institution from where you expect your scholarship because it also affects the cost of endowing a scholarship. You can work with renowned institutions as well to endow a scholarship.